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  • dream siteCNN Interview 1999

    This 3 minute interview was done with CNN in 1999. The interview begins with footage from a routine press conference with some of the astronauts during which one of them spoke about dreams in space. CNN asked me to comment on how the dream images might be understood. 

    The interview is contained in an 8MB mpeg file. Clicking on the link will download it so that you may view it. With DSL it takes less than a minute to download; with a 56k modem it will take proportionately longer.

  • CWK Interview 06/2006 

    A recent study resulted in a very sad statistic: about 17% of teens surveyed said they had engaged in some form of self-cutting/burning. Connecting With Kids produced this interview to distribute to some 70 affiliates around the country.

  • CWK Interview 03/2005

    In March 2005 there was another tragic school shooting, this time in Minnesota. Later that week I did this interview for Connecting With Kids Network. CWK produces short features that air on some 70 affiliates around the country. The file is in DVD format instead of an MPEG format. To play it, first open WinDVD, Windows Media Player, or similar DVD software, then click on the link.