Pan Massachusetts Challenge 2009

5,200  cyclists
2  days (August 1st and 2nd)
180  miles
$30,000,000  for cancer research and treatment at the
 Dana-Farber Cancer Institute



This year my brother and I took the Sturbridge to Bourne to Wellesley route so that our Dad (now 96) could join us at the finish line. Shaved about 12 miles off the total distance, as the route to Provincetown on day 2 is a bit longer.

Click a picture to see a larger view.




Opening night ceremony broadcast on NECN. The finale featured one of the teams that rides for the woman pictured.   Carb loading with my brother and two friends before we hit the sack.
  Breakfast at 4:45 A.M. on Saturday morning for 3,100 cyclists in Sturbridge.
  Awaiting the start. Riders choose one of four areas based on speed.




Yea, we're smiling now. Will we still be smiling after 180 miles?
  Delayed by fog, a daylight view of some of the Sturbridge start.

  Each water stop has its own personality. These women dress up each year to welcome us at
the 50 mile mark.
    Bob and I ride for many, including a niece pictured here.




Lunch at mile 69 on Saturday. Gives you an idea of why the PMC needs nearly 3,000 volunteers to make it work so smoothly.   109 miles behind us, Bob and I celebrate under the big tent at Bourne. Dinner, a short massage, and bed at 8:00 P.M.
  Perhaps the largest parking lot
for bicycles in the U.S. with
more than 4,000 parked here.

  One of several flags on which riders have written some of their reasons for riding in the PMC.




A closer look.

  Jaime moved to Atlanta last year from my home town. She and her parents have ridden in the PMC for a number of years. We met by way of a local cycling group.   A few views of the accommoda-tions at Bourne. From start to finish, the PMC is so well supported with the help of so many volunteers. Bob and I sleep on board the ship.  

Another view.




5:00 A.M. Sunday. Time to get ready to hit the road.
  Just one of so many signs we encounter along the 2 day route.
  Celebrating at the Wellesley finish line with our Dad.
  Yes, we were still smiling!




One final lunch to savor the weekend.

Two final tributes from riders.


  As one rider put it, we ride because we can for those who can't.    

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